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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pockie Ninja: Armory Refine, Enchantment, Enhance Guide

Armory is a location to refine, create slots, upgrade and perform other equipment items.To go here you need to go in your village or in Angel City.


Enhancing will put another attribute in the yellow circle. You may spend gold, coupons or spend talisman for free charge. Put the Enhancement Talisman in the red circle. As we can see we are allow to enhance this gear for only 8 times.

REFINING is to change all the stats in the white circle. Example if you want to change that Agilityinto Constitution you need to use refine.Changing attribute is random so you will refine and refine until you get the Refine cost may also be gold, coupons or talisman.


If you want to add a stat in your gear you will need an Enchantment Stone. If i use this Level 1 Armor Enchantment Stone i will put block and dodge 10 in my Gear. The Gear below is only allow to have 1 enchantment. You will need an Enchantment Talisman to enchant for free or pay gold or coupon.


Creating Slots is very simple put the gear you want to open slots and put talisman to have it free of charge.

Removing Gems is also basic. Put the gear and press ok.


Anonymous said...

if i remove the gem from my gear, can i also get the gem back??
or i will only receive the gear without the gem??
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

yeah you get gem back and ur gear also.

Anonymous said...

were can you get enchantment talisman?

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