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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pockie Ninja: Starting Guide (Choosing Villages and What Build)

Choosing villages:

Fire Village : This is a village with konoha country setting. Characters here are recommended to be casters. They cast alot of Balsm skills. 3-8 times in a single turn.

Recommended Outfit:

Orange: Bomb Ichigo , White Ichigo

Starting: Sarutobi Asuma, Love Akiwa

Recommended Stats: Great Strength, Stamina, HP, Chakra

Recommended Skills

Blood Boil
Pre healing/Mystic palm or any survivability skills

Review: Balsm + Bloodboil is fatal, with liquor it will be best with burn status on enemy. Sunset is to deal double damage on your fire elemental skills. Survivability skills help you to stay in game for long.

Wind Village: This village is like a windmill village. The characters here are speedster they can attack alot of times in a single turn.
Recommended Outfit:

Orange: Naruto , 4th Hokage , Yoruichi

Starting: Ggio Vega ,Soi Fon

Recommeneded Stats: Agility, +Speed

Recommended Skills

Quick Step
Great Strength
Gale Palm
Windstorm Array
Mud River

Review: Quick Step is to add more normal attack in a single turn while Gale Palm is to cast a skill while doing an attack. Chidori is to stun an enemy for a turn to do more attacks. Windstorm Array is to do a rebound when enemy had a chance to attack. Great Mud River is a good combination to quick step to add more attack

Lightning Village : Characters born here have beautiful skill effects and they stun alot. They have strong attacks with paralyzing effects.

Recommended Outfit:

Orange: Kakashi, Sasuke

Starting: Ggio Vega , Aburai Renji (slow speed)

Recommeneded Stats: Agility, +Speed, Great Strength/Attack, Crit

Recommended Skills
Great Strength
Mud River
Eight Gates/Quick Step

Review: Chidori is your best damager skill and it has a chance to paralyze your enemy. Thunderfall is another way to paralyze your enemy if it is not yet paralyzed. Static is to protect you for 3 times. Great strength is another stun skill but doesnt use chakra and deals lots of damage. Mud River is to slow down your enemy while speeding up using mud river or quick step.

Water Village: Best defensive characters are born in this village they counter alot and they also doge alot.

Recommended Outfit:

Orange: Halibel , Haku, Momochi Zabuza, Hitsugaya Toushiro, Uchiha Itachi, Aizen

Starting: Shikamaru, Kurenai

Recommended Stats: Great Strength, Crit, Dodge, Block

Recommended Skills:
Mist Hide
Windstorm Array
Death Mirage Jutsu/Flying Thunder God
Clay Bomb/Dead Demon Consuming Seal/Cursed Seal of Heaven

Review: The build is more likely is to counter an attack and for survivability. Mist Hide is to increase your counter rate and attack rate. Assasination is to give more health with good damage. Substitution is for illusionist outfits while mudwall are for water outfits. Windstorm is another way to counter. Death Mirage is for chakra drain while thunder god is to paralyze opponent. The last skill can be chose from the 3 since clay bomb can be used for offense, Dead Demon for defense, and Cursed Seal for boosting your damage late in the fight.

Earth Village: This village has a tanker characters. They always reflect damage too.

Recommend Outfits:

Orange: Inoue Orihime, White Ulquiorra, Hollowfied Ulquiorra, Gaara, Scorpion
Starting:Chouji, Kurotsuchi Nemu

Recommeneded Stats: Stamina, Def, Great Strength, Dodge, Block

Recommended Skills
Prehealing Jutsu/Mystic Palm
Windstorm Array
Static Field/Prayer

Review: Mudwall is the best for reflecting damage, choose only substitution if mudwall is not available. Huge damage is the purpose of Claybomb while they take damage from your reflects. Prehealing and mystic is to increase your tanking ability. Windstorm array is also like reflecting damage. Puppet is for adding additional damage because your damage is not that huge in each turn. Prayer is anti stunner and speedster it is better than static when you have those enemies.


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